realme Buds Wireless vs oppo enco m31: Full Comparison Price, Specification

realme Buds Wireless vs oppo enco m31: Full Comparison Price, Specification

realme Buds Wireless
realme Buds Wireless

Oppo has recently launched its wireless buds and brings more competition into the market. It gives direct competition to the realme Buds Wireless. Oppo enco m31 launched at a price of Rs1999 whereas realme Buds Wireless at Rs 1799. In this, we are going to compare realme Buds Wireless vs oppo enco m31 with its price, Specification, Build Quality, and much more. Here is the full comparison of realme Buds Wireless vs oppo enco m31.

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realme Buds Wireless vs oppo enco m31

Looks and Design

The main difference is the build quality and buds design in both of them. The oppo enco m31 is designed like a capsule, which makes a big difference between them. Both of the wireless buds come with build-in magnets in which you directly play or pause. The wired quality in realme Buds wireless is excellent as compared to oppo enco m31. The neckband of oppo enco m31 is more comfortable as of real Buds wireless. The body is made of up metal in both of them and had three tactile buttons.

Colour Availability

oppo enco m31
oppo enco m31

The realme Bud Wireless is available in three different colour i.e., black, green, and orange whereas the oppo enco m31 is  available in two different colour i.e., green and black


The realme Bud Wireless has 110mah battery, and oppo enco m31 has 88mah battery. Both of the company claims that in a single charge, it can last up to 12 hours of playback. In 10 min of charge, realme Buds wireless can last up to 100min, and oppo enco m31 lasts up to 180min. But if you play in LDAC mode, it provides only 8hrs of playback, which is only available in oppo.


Both of the earphones supports Bluetooth 5.0 which works around 10m in range


The realme Buds Wireless has IPX4 Rating, whereas oppo enco m31 has IPX5 for water and dust resistance. Here oppo enco m31 gets an advantage over realme Buds wireless.

Audio Quality

Both of the earphones had good audio or sound quality. In realme Buds Wireless, it has 11.2 mm sound drivers, which produce great bass, but the oppo enco m31 has 9.2mm drivers. Oppo enco m31 supports LDAC mode, which realme doesn’t support. If you love more extra bass, then you should choose realme Buds Wireless, and if you want to feel the real instrumental and vocal of any music, you can go with oppo enco m31.

Advantages of oppo enco m31 over realme Buds wireless

  • Noise cancellation during calling which blocks all the outside noise
  • special LDAC and bass mode which enhances the sound quality of your music
  • IPX5 rating water and dust resistance

Advantages of realme Buds wireless over oppo enco m31

  • Bigger battery as compared to oppo enco m31
  • 11.2mm sound driver for extra bass

Verdict: Which one you should buy

Both of the earphones are great according to their price. At the cost of Rs 1799, realme provides a good bigger battery and extra bass over oppo. And at a rate of Rs1999, oppo offers noise cancellation, IPX5, and LDAC mode. If you are interested in a bigger battery and extra bass, then you should go for realme Buds Wireless. If you are interested in noise cancellation during a call or to hear the real instrumental and vocal of the music, then you should go for oppo enco m31 Wireless.

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